Aeration & Overseeding

In order to maintain the health of your grass, we recommend aeration and overseeding services by our professional team of landscapers. These two services work together to keep the yard looking beautiful throughout the year.

Aeration de-compacts and loosens the soil, so water, nutrients, and fertilizer can get down to the roots of the grass. It also creates more space for the roots to expand, and improves the air and water circulation to promote grass growth. We use a coreless aeration machine, which leaves less of a mess, and is very efficient. Ensuring your yard is properly aerated helps both new seed to become established and already established grass to thrive.

Summers in North Carolina can wreak havoc on grass, whether that is due to heat and sun, lack of water, or even fungus causing the grass to die off. Overseeding your yard helps thicken the existing grass and fills in bare patches, which gives you a more complete and revitalized yard of grass. By patching problem areas, your lawn will require less water, be less likely to dry out, and improve the overall health and aesthetic of your landscape.

If you would like more information on aeration and overseeding services, contact us today!