Sod Installation

We use high quality sod, which will instantly transform your yard into a beautiful, lush green landscape. Proper preparation of the yard is important to ensure that the sod grows well. We assess soil conditions to ensure that the sod will continue to grow and be healthy year after year. We also evaluate your yard for how much light vs. shade is present in order to choose the right type of sod. In addition, we make sure that yard is sloped properly and any drainage issues are addressed.

Why choose sod over seed? For starters, many types of sod are not available in seed. Many DIYers want to do the sod themselves but a major problem with this is timing. Sod needs to be put down quickly, if it is left on site too long after delivery, it will start to break down and die. That’s why having a professional sod installation team complete the project in a timely manner, with the right skill and equipment, is the best option.

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Some of Our Services Include:

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Site Preparation

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