North Raleigh Patio Install & Drainage Project

Before and After: North Raleigh Patio Install

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Patio Install Project in North Raleigh

In this home patio project, we created an outdoor space to serve as an extension of the home. It’s a 15 by 25 foot patio with a retaining or sitting wall around a firepit. The client wanted a place where the family could comfortably entertain and provide an inviting “hang-out” area for their kids to enjoy for years to come.

Project Details

Due to the extensive drainage issues in the backyard, we had to grade the entire space to create a flat surface before installing the patio. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals also dug additional drainage channels to help guide the excess water flowing down from the top of the property.

We then created a 24-inch retaining wall to serve two primary purposes:

1) to frame the fireplace and allow for additional seating and
2) as an erosion control structure to help redirect water.

We added five tons of river rock was placed around the patio and adjoining areas to seamlessly transition from the hardscape to the landscape. Per the homeowner’s request, we also created post columns to finish the project and give a classic finish feel.

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